May 1, 2014


The below workshops are available in a group setting and have a duration of approximately two hours.  They are designed to be at an intermediate level. However, as long as you have a grasp of the basics, they will take you further with minimal effort. For prices and availability, please use my contact page. Thank you.


Tweaks and tricks – how, with very little effort, to learn shortcuts and replace mundane chords with more interesting ones.
Intros and Endings – As the name would suggest, to learn several alternatives and in different keys.
Picks and Strums – introduction to fingerpicking arpeggios, the Triple and how to put “swing” into a tune.
Name that Tune – An introduction to picking melody and also strumming to play a solo melody tune.
Got the Blues – Exploring the concept of Blues and how to play in 3 different parts
Syncopated patterns – a look at a few George Formby style (split)  strokes broken down into 4 specific patterns, including Tapping and “The Flick”


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