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July 28, 2014


Biddulph Ukulele Group



I have been friends with the Biddulph ukulele group since  early 2014. The group meets at the Biddulph Arms most Thursdays and what  a wonderful group of people to be associated with. I was approached by ERIC COX & JIM CAREY who both invited me to help progress the group. Having visited about a dozen other ukulele groups, Biddulph were full of enthusiasm and performed like they been together for a good few years.I was amazed when Eric told me most of the players had only picked up a Uke around 12 months prior ! This was down to hard work on behalf of the individuals but JIM CAREY deserves a medal to take it to that standard in such a short time. My involvement was to look into how to tweak the group starting with more structured introductions, nice endings, alternative chords  etc They picked up things very quickly and had a chance to show what they were made of  at the N’Ukefest on the weekend of the 16th May.  They certainly held their own amongst some other quite established ukulele groups. More recently, we have just had the very first BIDDULPH UKULELE DAY which was a wonderful achievement considering 18 months ago there was no sign of ukuleles in the area. Eric recently asked me if I would be able to act as Patron for the group to which I am honoured  to be.  What does the future hold for the group ? Well more will be revealed in coming weeks but the BBC are interested. Watch this space…………

Today I approached THE ONE SHOW on BBC TV.  This is what I sent……….

Hello. my name is Peter Moss and I am Patron to the Biddulph Ukulele Group in Staffordshire. The group comprises of about 40 ukulele enthusiasts, and they use the wooden (Hawaiian) style Uke and not the Banjo uke that was made famous by George Formby. (No Formby played)They have been together for roughly 2 years and their upbeat performance puts a smile on everyone’s face.  If you are looking for something that is topical, of interest to many and above all a group that generates a feel good factor, look no further.

They are appearing on BBC Radio Stoke participating in a live broadcast on Friday 29th at 3.30pm.

Their website is

My website is



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