True Colours and Curiosity CDs’ For Sale

August 18, 2016

True Colours

The 2nd offering from Peter Moss. This CD was initially called Colours as it contains such a diverse range of styles and moods all packaged together in one place. Peters wife Michelle who is his rock, thought It would be more personal and honest altering it to True Colours.

The styles include Swing, Ballads, Waltzes, Gypsy Jazz and more. Although there is a band sound and feel, the mix has been produced pushing the Ukulele to the front. If you enjoyed the Curiosity CD then this is for you.
CD £8 plus £2 p&p = £10. U.K.

CD £8 plus £3 p&p = £11. International


My objective was to create a companion CD that wasn’t too intrusive. Therefore a lot of the tracks are soft natured, with subtle backing – ie percussion rather than a drum kit, a fretless electric bass, occasional string sections making an appearance. Sometimes a track starts with a solo Uke and other instruments added further on into the piece. I was responsible for the arrangements, production and all instruments. I hope you like it and even if you don’t, it will make a great beer mat. – Bonus ! 😀


1) Autumn leaves
2) Guys in love with you / Raindrops
3) Ave Maria / Warsaw Concerto / Liebestraum
4) Georgia on my mind
5) The shadow of your smile
6) The prayer
7) So what’s new
8) Watch over me / After you’ve gone / Moonglow
9) If
10) Some of these days

What people are saying …..
“I like everything about this CD. I have played it 6 times on the run” (Shane Heighway)
“Pete’s extraordinary ukulele skills shine in the beautifully produced CD” (Lynne and Geoff White
“Curiosity is a perfect demonstration of how the Uke, in the right hands, can carry a melody with swing and taste” (Phil Doleman)
CD £8 plus £2 p&p = £10. U.K.

CD £8 plus £3 p&p = £11. International

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