Ukulele Events

May 1, 2014

Nova Scotia, Canada – Workshop/Concert – 27th November 2015

Florida Uke Tour – Workshops & Concerts

4th  December Sanford
5th  Jacksonville
7th  Gainesville
8th  St Andrews – Panama
9th  Pensacola
12th Bonita Springs
12th Nokomis


Big House in the Country weekend – Brampton, Cumbria – Workshops and Concert – 19th-21st Feb
The Stables – An evening with Steven Sproat and Peter Moss – Milton Keynes11th March
Sunshine Coast Ukulele Festival – Brisbane, Australia 14th-17th April
Ukulele Festival of Wales – Swansea25-26th June
Great Midland Uke Fest GMUF – Leamington Spa8th-9th July.
Ukulele Festival – Isle of Wight – 22nd-24th July
Kukulele – Finland7th-8th August
Southern Ukulele Store/Music is life – Bournemouth27th August
The Uke Express – Pickering & Whitby – 5th-6th November


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