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October 6, 2014

Workshops for Ukulele Groups REVISED  PDF flyer opens in new window

A workshop will improve individual skills, which in turn can help to move your group forward to the next level.

I offer a range of interactive, stress free workshops that are not only fun but leave players with a sense of achievement.

In my most popular workshop players learn a new song . After all, what is the point in learn- ing new tricks if you can’t show them off after- wards? also offer a slow and melodic work- shop looking at tunes such as “Raining in my Heart” or a more up tempo workshop utilising songs such as “Anything goes” No matter which workshop you choose, each includes a nice in- troduction, some new chords (in addition to the ones you already know), key changes and a professional intro and ending.

Are You Ready To Have Some Fun!


  1. Bruce Hake - December 6, 2015 9:04 pm

    Peter. Met you at the Lil Rev fest in Milwaukee last year. We are all still talking about your performance!!!!!!!!!! “Unbelievable.” In the Summer I play in Wisconsin and in the Winter I play with the Pensacola Group. I just got the notice of the workshop at Blue Angle Music. I would love to be there, but would literally need to fly down and back…which would get a little expensive, even though I am sure it would be worth it. I saw the outline for Rock etc. Will you be putting this on again any where in the Mid West USA??
    Will you sell me the handouts? I have been looking for this exact outline. Thanks in advance for your response. Hope we can cross paths again. Bruce Hake.

    • Peter - December 16, 2015 10:48 am

      Hello Bruce. Thank you for staying in touch after meeting up with you in Milwaukee. I had a wonderful time with the Blues Angel Ukulele group and they made me very welcome indeed. A shame we couldn’t meet up again on this occasion. I am at the moment doing self promotion and adding Brisbane, Australia and possibly Taiwan uke festivals to 2016. I am always looking for new opportunities and happy to appear in the mid-west in the future.I will send you an email of my workshop. Please stay in touch. Peter Moss

  2. Bruce Hake - December 6, 2015 9:05 pm

    Peter here is the correct e-mail. I caught the error after I hit send. Thanks again. Bruce Hake

  3. Will Cowell - October 17, 2017 9:41 pm

    Hi, Peter, I took up the uke about 16 months ago, and have been leading my local uke group since January. We are steadily improving in a variety of ways, but my main weakness is that I can’t offer them much in the way of right hand technique beyond some basics. Would you consider doing a workshop for us? We are in the St Ives Cambs area. There are actually four uke groups within 10 miles of us so we could get quite a few along and make a whole day of it, with perhaps a meal out or something like that. If you’re interested let’s talk about your fees and availability, etc. You can reach me on *********. All the best, Will Cowell


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